Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here is our new and improved Master Suite:) Thanks Mimi and Maggie for helping pick out the paint color! We love it:) The pictures and curtains go perfectly! I love our room now!! We are so excited to see everyone in about a week:)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break Fun!!

I apologize for the long pause in our blog world. Mimi and Maggie came into town last tuesday and stayed until yesterday for Maggie's spring break:) We had such a blast! We surprisingly stayed really busy here in provo:) The first day they got here we went shopping for easter outfits and had a fashion show in the nordstrom dressing room:) Mimi took pictures while me and mag's modeled our clothes:) It was so much fun and hilarious! Mimi would make a good paparazi because she got some pretty hideous pictures of us, lol! There are also some very cute ones:) We had trouble finding bright springy dresses at nordstrom. We asked one of the lady's in Nordstrom why they didn't have any and she said that the new trend this spring is black and white. At first we thought that sounded pretty boring but then I found a gorgeous black and white dress at white house black market. So we decided to go with the black and white theme:) We all found really pretty dresses for Easter. On Thursday we went to Color Me Mine, you pick out pottery that you want to paint and then they fire it in a kennel. I've been wanting to go there for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity. We were there for 3 and a half hours painting, it was soooo much fun! Maggie painted this cute little bath, Mimi painted a vase, and I painted a big mug:) They all turned out so pretty! On Saturday we all went rock climbing at this indoor rock climbing place in Provo. That was also alot of fun:) Maggie zoomed up all the walls, she was so quick! After all the climbing we were exhausted so we went home and played games and went to Tucanos later that night with Duke and 2 of his friends. We got all dressed up for Easter Sunday, everyone looked so good:) After church we had Grayson over for some hamburgers,hotdogs, chicken and blonde brownies. I think he was expecting a gourmet meal, lol:) Sorry to disappoint you Grayson:) Then we watched Dan In Real Life, which was actually really good and played games later that night. Mimi helped me get some new decorations for our apartment and helped us pick out some new paint:) The weather was so nice all week so on Monday we decided to go on a picnic:) It was the nicest day, I hope the weather stays nice:) No More Snow! Ryan and I couldn't wait to get the new paint up on our bedroom wall, so we painted it last night:) I love it! We still need to do some touch ups because we both went kind of crazy last night with the paint:) We still got some pictures though so you can see what a cool color it is:) It was sooo good to spend time with Mimi and Maggie and I'm so glad they came here to see me:) I had such a good time!!