Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ryan and I have been sooo busy lately. A few weeks ago we flew out to Maryland for a job interview with Nationwide Insurance. Of course Ryan got the job:) He's going to be working for this agent named Ray Dietz, getting paid pretty decent, way more than we make now:) We were in Maryland for a few days then Ryan flew back to Utah and I flew to Texas to be home for a week:) It was a good, fun, relaxing visit with my family. Aubs, Susan, and Savanna were there that week too, which was a nice treat:) Daddy is recovering from his surgeries and was not feeling too good when we were there:( I have the BEST family in the world!! I love them all soooooo much!!! We are planning on moving to Maryland the end of October so I've started packing and selling a bunch of stuff on Craigslist:) I just listed Ryan's nasty Saturn online today and we already sold it for $500 which is what his dad paid for it when Ryan got home from his mission:) I'm feeling really overwhelmed lately with everything so hopefully things will settle down once we are all moved.