Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miami Trip!!

Ryan and I were lucky enough to be able to go on a nice vacation to Miami:) It was a blast! Mimi, Daddy, Maggie and Grins drove to Miami and Susan, Aubry and Savanna live there. We stayed in a really nice condo by the beach thanks to Mimi and Daddy:) The first day was filled with a 90 minute adventure with Ricky Marlin:) Ricky was our duck tour guide who's questions were promptly answered by Mimi with zealous excitement. Needless to say, the person who enjoyed the duck tour the most was Daddy. It was pretty sad when the tour ended and we had to physically remove him from the tour bus, as he clung for ricky marlin and cried out quacks as the duck bus drove away. For the remainder of the week Daddy had dreams of opening up a duck tour in Kerrville, good luck:) Maggie found grins a new friend, Gilbert, while in Miami. This squishy, sticky little frog spent more time on the condo ceiling with Maggie launching pillows at him then he did getting to know grins:)

Savanna was busy looking cute while Susan managed to snap over 400 pictures! Aubs and Ryan were preoccupied trying to one up me and Susan's "would you rather" scenario:)

Highlights of the trip; Daddy, Ryan and Aubs played like the pros for 18 holes and saw more wildlife than the hogle zoo; Mimi, Susan, Maggie, frogs, Savanna and Alyssa shopping on the strip and managed to not spend a dime:); Ryan's art decco beach trench; Fish net spedo man on Ocean Drive; and the plethera of desserts we walked away with at carrabas:) We already miss everyone so much. It was such a FUN trip!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Surprise for Alyssa:)

Lately I've been really moody about work and wanting a vacation real bad. We are so excited for the Florida trip and that we are able to go, thanks to all of those who have contributed to us being able to take this much needed vacation! I've also been putting in some overtime this past week so that we aren't completely broke when we get back from our trip:) So anyway on Friday while I was at work Ryan was putting together a nice surprise for me. I left work at 4 since I didn't take a lunch and came straight home not knowing what was in store for me:) I got to our front door and there were two yellow roses taped onto the door with a little lamenated note telling me of my big surprise throughout our apartment. I opened the door to find single roses placed in different spots of our apartment each with a note and a trail of rose petals to show me were to go next. The notes were describing all 15 months we have been married and what moments were special to him each month:) It was the sweetest and cutest thing ever. The finale was our bedroom, I opened the door to find our bed covered in rose petals with a little stuffed bulldog(we've been wanting a bulldog bad) and a final love note to sum up everything:) Ryan is so good to me and I love him so much. I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!

Visit from Grandmom and Grandaddy!!

On their quest to travel across the Western states Grandmom and Grandaddy made a quick pit stop at our little place in Provo. As you can imagine the visit was eventful and ranged from absolutely boggling the mind of a poor Olive Garden waitress over the soup and salad combo and a seperate soup and salad which they adamantly watching Grandmom stagger around our apartment in the dark in search of her purse. While here they helped a little with the home decorations (Grandmom) by insisting we hang our homemade painting. Grandaddy watched and approved of the picture placement between conversations about the insurance business with Ryan. Since hanging the painting Ryan had the brilliant idea of drawing more attention to it by adding a little accent light. Here is the finished product; Thanks Grandmom and Grandaddy!!

They have a long journey ahead of them and they are prepared for the trek to say the least. Between about two dozen maps all marked with multiple highlighters and the various mapquests they have printed off it would be a miracle if they did not get to each and every stop at precisely the planned time. It was a blast having them stay with us. Their visit would not have been complete without a visit to the Garden here at Stanford place.