Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miami Trip!!

Ryan and I were lucky enough to be able to go on a nice vacation to Miami:) It was a blast! Mimi, Daddy, Maggie and Grins drove to Miami and Susan, Aubry and Savanna live there. We stayed in a really nice condo by the beach thanks to Mimi and Daddy:) The first day was filled with a 90 minute adventure with Ricky Marlin:) Ricky was our duck tour guide who's questions were promptly answered by Mimi with zealous excitement. Needless to say, the person who enjoyed the duck tour the most was Daddy. It was pretty sad when the tour ended and we had to physically remove him from the tour bus, as he clung for ricky marlin and cried out quacks as the duck bus drove away. For the remainder of the week Daddy had dreams of opening up a duck tour in Kerrville, good luck:) Maggie found grins a new friend, Gilbert, while in Miami. This squishy, sticky little frog spent more time on the condo ceiling with Maggie launching pillows at him then he did getting to know grins:)

Savanna was busy looking cute while Susan managed to snap over 400 pictures! Aubs and Ryan were preoccupied trying to one up me and Susan's "would you rather" scenario:)

Highlights of the trip; Daddy, Ryan and Aubs played like the pros for 18 holes and saw more wildlife than the hogle zoo; Mimi, Susan, Maggie, frogs, Savanna and Alyssa shopping on the strip and managed to not spend a dime:); Ryan's art decco beach trench; Fish net spedo man on Ocean Drive; and the plethera of desserts we walked away with at carrabas:) We already miss everyone so much. It was such a FUN trip!!


Susan said...

Correction, it was fish net thong made it all the more worth while. I love the duck tour idea, and we should go quack at every one leaving the HEB. Anyways, we miss you guys way too much and think that we should move you guys down here with us. It sucks living so far away, but I guess it makes for exciting vacations and reunions. That was by far the best vacation we've had in a while and I look foward to next years! Love ya'll!!!!

PS: out of the 462 pictures that I took, I think the one of all of our feet is the best! and to think that I didn't take that one!

Any all nighter's lately? I still don't think I've recovered!!!

Grayson said...


You always have that "I just LOVE having my picture taken!" look in these shots. Classic. Keeps its reals.