Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Getting Old

I just had my 23rd birthday last Tuesday! Yeah I know I'm getting old. It was a great day:) My girl neighbors, Amy Paul and Cheri Ebbert, had me over for My birthday brunch:) Amy made me this yummy spinach salad and Cheri made me brownies (my favorite)! I was over there for 4 hours:) We just talked and talked, it was so much fun! We have the best neighbors! I will miss them when we all have to move:( Ryan got home at 6 with a dozen pink roses that were sooo gorgeous, wrapped all my presents, and then I ravaged through them as fast as I could:) I had been waiting patiently all day:) He got me this cute PJ top and bottom from victoria's secret, this lipgloss pack from MAC that I'd wanted, and an IOU winter boots:) I love all my presents! Ryan was worried about my gifts this year b/c last year I took them all back. He got me good stuff last year that I had pointed out and wanted but then I decided on other things I wanted more:) I'm always buying stuff for myself and then exchanging them a few days later:) You'll be glad to hear that Ryan did great this year and I love all my gifts:) He's relieved, lol! Mimi, Daddy and Maggie sent me this cake bouquet that came with a cute bear and yummy chocolates:) My birthday was the BEST! I got to talk to Mimi, Daddy, Aubry, Eric (Ryans older brother), Hilary (Eric's wife), Ryan's mom, MawMaw, Susan, Duke sent me a really nice text, and Ashley(Ryan's little sis) left me a message:) Thanks everyone for making my birthday so great:) I really wasn't looking forward to my birthday this year b/c we don't really have any family around. It ended up being the best birthday I've had here in Utah:) Thanks to everyone's calls, my girl neighbors, and Ryan of course:) That night we went out and ate at Ruby River Steakhouse which we hadn't been to:) It was sooo yummy! To top off my birthday, Ryan and I came home and watched "Honey I Shrunk the Kids." We watched the entire movie:) It brought back lots of memories:) Here are some pictures from my Birthday:)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving feast!

I know this post is really late but altleast I got another one up before the end of December, lol:) The night before Thanksgiving Ashley and Dorian came over and we made all the desserts and my fruit salad. It was alot of fun baking all night, we didn't finish until 12:30am:) I made Frozen Strawberry dessert which I had typed up the recipe but I must have made a typo. So for the crust I preheated the oven to 550F which was what it said to do on my recipe I typed:) The oven started smoking but I thought it was just b/c our oven was filthy. So I went ahead and put the crust in to bake for 15 minutes at 550F:) Our neighbor Mark had come over and Ryan was talking to him in the front room. Ryan had no idea what was going on in the kitchen, all he knew is that it was smoking up the whole house. I still didn't think anything of it until the timer went off and Ryan went over to take the crust out:) He opened the oven up and this HUGE cloud of smoke came out. Then he reached to get the crust out and showed it to me. It was pitch black, oops:) We had a good laugh after we had to run outside in the freezing cold to get some fresh air in our lungs! I will be made fun of for that for the rest of my life:) Don't worry though we made a new crust and cooked it a 350F and it came out perfectly! On Thanksgiving Ryan and I made our food at our place and took it over to Dorian and Ashley's where they had been making all of there food:) We had sooo much food just for us 4:) That's what Thanksgiving is all about, lots and lots of food:) We barely made a dent in it so we had lots of yummy leftovers:) After we ate we just lounged around for awhile and watched the Turkey Bowl Chowdown, it was disgusting! Overall it was a great Thanksgiving:)