Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Getting Old

I just had my 23rd birthday last Tuesday! Yeah I know I'm getting old. It was a great day:) My girl neighbors, Amy Paul and Cheri Ebbert, had me over for My birthday brunch:) Amy made me this yummy spinach salad and Cheri made me brownies (my favorite)! I was over there for 4 hours:) We just talked and talked, it was so much fun! We have the best neighbors! I will miss them when we all have to move:( Ryan got home at 6 with a dozen pink roses that were sooo gorgeous, wrapped all my presents, and then I ravaged through them as fast as I could:) I had been waiting patiently all day:) He got me this cute PJ top and bottom from victoria's secret, this lipgloss pack from MAC that I'd wanted, and an IOU winter boots:) I love all my presents! Ryan was worried about my gifts this year b/c last year I took them all back. He got me good stuff last year that I had pointed out and wanted but then I decided on other things I wanted more:) I'm always buying stuff for myself and then exchanging them a few days later:) You'll be glad to hear that Ryan did great this year and I love all my gifts:) He's relieved, lol! Mimi, Daddy and Maggie sent me this cake bouquet that came with a cute bear and yummy chocolates:) My birthday was the BEST! I got to talk to Mimi, Daddy, Aubry, Eric (Ryans older brother), Hilary (Eric's wife), Ryan's mom, MawMaw, Susan, Duke sent me a really nice text, and Ashley(Ryan's little sis) left me a message:) Thanks everyone for making my birthday so great:) I really wasn't looking forward to my birthday this year b/c we don't really have any family around. It ended up being the best birthday I've had here in Utah:) Thanks to everyone's calls, my girl neighbors, and Ryan of course:) That night we went out and ate at Ruby River Steakhouse which we hadn't been to:) It was sooo yummy! To top off my birthday, Ryan and I came home and watched "Honey I Shrunk the Kids." We watched the entire movie:) It brought back lots of memories:) Here are some pictures from my Birthday:)

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Susan said...

How cute!!! I'm glad you had a good day. did you get my present?? hopefully, cause i absolutely hate the post office. Don't worry, I return everything too, well stuff I buy at least!