Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Christmas, New years, and Birthdays:)

I know I'm still horrible at blogging but I did just get a 2 gig memory card for my camera so I really have no excuse now:) As most of you know we went to Texas for Christmas break and had a blast!! Our family is the BEST!! Ryan and I loved seeing everyone and miss ya'll sooo much:( Mimi decorated the entire house it was amazing:) Ryan loves pool now thanks to Daddy and Pawpaw, he's getting really good using his English ya'll taught him:) I just get lucky sometimes because I have no real strategy, lol:) It seems like if I try too hard I don't hit anything in. I just wack the balls and hope that some actually go in:) We also spent new years in Texas, and on new years eve we went to the Riverwalk:) It was Ryan's first time and he loved it! I was the photographer since Susan wasn't there so hopefully I did a good enough job but it doesn't compare to Susie's expertise:) We also went out to Andra's to celebrate MawMaw, Andra's and Chase's Birthday. I never new that they all had the same Birthday! Ryan had another first while we were at Andra's. We went fishing at her pond, Ryan's first fishing trip:) He actually caught a nice size bass. I hadn't been fishing in forever so I had to get reminded of how to cast out:) Thanks again Daddy and Pawpaw for teaching us the best way to fish and play pool! I really wish we could fish here in Utah but it's way too freezing! We are going to invest in some fishing rods this summer so we can fish for our dinner, yummy:) Ryan's 25th Birthday was this past Thursday! I put together a little party for him on Wednesday night and had Ashley, Dorian, Duke and his roommate Kyle over for some food, fun and games. Thanks for the Meatball recipe Mimi, everyone loved it! On his actually birthday when he got home from work I had him open all his gifts:) I got him the Magic Bullet, he's been wanting that thing forever, a nice sushi set so we can have sushi nights, and random little things:) He's like a 5 year old with his presents. The minute he opens them he has to get all of it out and play with them:) So before we went to dinner we had to test out the magic bullet and brush up on our chopstick skills:) Then I took him to this new sushi place which was so yummy! We were stuffed after that so we rented a couple of movies and had a slumber party in our living room:) I will have to post all the pics later because we just got our new Mac desktop and I haven't downloaded our pictures onto it yet.

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Susan said...

Yay a new post! I love the pictures by the way. You're getting good! New computer huh?? isn't new stuff fun? Anywho, thanks for the update! We miss you guys tons. Love ya!!!