Saturday, August 4, 2007

Surprise for Alyssa:)

Lately I've been really moody about work and wanting a vacation real bad. We are so excited for the Florida trip and that we are able to go, thanks to all of those who have contributed to us being able to take this much needed vacation! I've also been putting in some overtime this past week so that we aren't completely broke when we get back from our trip:) So anyway on Friday while I was at work Ryan was putting together a nice surprise for me. I left work at 4 since I didn't take a lunch and came straight home not knowing what was in store for me:) I got to our front door and there were two yellow roses taped onto the door with a little lamenated note telling me of my big surprise throughout our apartment. I opened the door to find single roses placed in different spots of our apartment each with a note and a trail of rose petals to show me were to go next. The notes were describing all 15 months we have been married and what moments were special to him each month:) It was the sweetest and cutest thing ever. The finale was our bedroom, I opened the door to find our bed covered in rose petals with a little stuffed bulldog(we've been wanting a bulldog bad) and a final love note to sum up everything:) Ryan is so good to me and I love him so much. I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!


LINDA said...

Hey Alyssa,

I agree, you are a very lucky girl, and Ryan isn't doing too shabby either. You two make a wonderful couple, and I'm grateful for both of you and the love you share. Remember to always keep things fresh and new, and your love will continue to grow.
I am also looking forward to our trip to Miami. I can't wait to see everyone. Travis ask if we were gathering in his honor, I told him of course we are. He is always with us in spirit.
I also love the pictures--you with your flowers, and Mom and Richard with their freshly picked vegies--very cute. Thanks for your hospitality, I know they had a great time. They should be returning home today. Anyway, I know this is a long comment, so I'll close for now. We love you both. Take care and we'll see you in a few weeks.


Susan said...

HEY!!! I think that was so cute of Ryan. I can't wait to see you guys. It'll be a nice break for you two. I promise that we'll make it worthwhile! Anyways, I love you! don't stress too much at work!

Grayson said...

Ryan! How could you! I though I was the only one who's apartment you had adorned with roses and sweet darling notes of how meaningful our relationship was, well that does it mister. IT'S OVER!