Thursday, January 29, 2009

My top 3 wants!

So my very very very top want is of course a baby! Boy or girl I don't care I just want one and need one!
My number 2 want is a cute little yorkie puppy which will be alot easier to get then a baby at this point.
Last but not least my dream home which will still be awhile but it will be worth waiting for and will include many luxuries:) Ryan and I definitely want an amazing home theater!


Shawn and Krystal said...

I remember the feeling of wanting and needing a baby all too well. It took us a little while to get Victoria. And that home theater is amazing!

Amber Marie said...

The home theater is amazing. We would like to come see your area of the country sometime soon. do you know how far you are from erin and john?

good luck on getting a baby, it seems they are hard to come by these days! the doggie is cute too :)

Marce said...

so cute!! i think you need a baby too :) we miss you guys a lot here in bleak are things there in Maryland? hopefully you guys are happy and having a blast out there. come back soon!