Tuesday, January 11, 2011

bumbo action!!

Mimi got Maci and Dane Bumbos for Christmas:) They love them! This is a video of them over the weekend playing in there bumbos. They are getting so big!! They will be 5 months on Sunday! I love my little munchkins and love being a mom, it's the best thing ever!!


Eric and Hilary said...

cute video. they love their bumbos and talking. where on earth are they sitting in this? the whole time i was trying to figure out what room they were in. the mirror, the tv and the diaper genie! lol it's a combo of your room, the front room and their room. haha

Sommer said...

Oh this video just makes me want to give them both great big hugs and kisses, my word they are so adorable!!! How do you not smother them in kisses all day long???? I wouldn't be able to get anything done, lol =)