Friday, November 4, 2011


I've really been meaning to write down Maci and Dane's updates for months now, so finally here they are:
Loves utensils and has to have one everywhere he goes
Loves to laugh and wrestle with Daddy
Is a walker since about 2 weeks ago
Loves to wave to everyone and everything
Gives kisses only to grandma and occassionally mommy:) Open mouth of course:)
Is such a boy and loves to destroy everything
We found out a few weeks ago that he loves motts tots low sugar mixed berry juice
Loves food and snacks and loves loves loves milk, I don't know how I'm going to wean him of his bottle
Hates shopping unless he has an auntie ann's almond crunch pretzel that he can nibble on
He wears a size 5 wide shoe, he'll definitely have to grow into those honkers:)
Loves his sister, they definitely have there own little language and it gets them into trouble sometimes
We found out on Halloween that he loves dumdums
Loves his blanky
Is obsessed with playing on the couch
He weighs about 22 lbs.
He's a big time momma's boy:)
Loves to be outside and go on walks/jogs with mommy
I love my little Dane boy and love watching him grow and learn new things everyday, and love to hear and make him laugh and smile!

Loves her paci and her dolly
Loves toys and figuring out how they all work
Loves strawberries, grapes, chocolate milk, pretzels and cheetos
Is a big walker since a couple of weeks ago, but she still loves to knee walk everywhere:)
She's our little goof ball and does the funniest things sometimes
Loves her bath and wants to take about 6 a day, we have to limit her to one
She has a strong hatred towards the vacuum and my kitchen aid blender, she gets so upset every time I have to use them
Loves "Play with me Sesame" especially elmo and big bird, she squeals whenever she sees them
Also loves "Olivia"
She and Dane love Mcdonald's nuggets, it's my go-to meal whenever we are out
Loves animals especially squirrels, she'll always go to our sliding glass door to try and spot them:)
She loves her brother and gets in moods where she just wants to bug him, silly girl
Loves these little rubber ducks that we got for her bath and sucks on the beaks
She loves to talk and blab, we don't understand her blabbing but she definitely seems to know what she's saying
Whenever she has meltdowns they are always major meltdowns
She knows how to get her way already
Loves to be outside and go to the park
Wears a 3 wide shoe, still has mini feet
Is such a Daddy's girl
Loves to unload all the diapers and wipes from there cases, stinker!
I love my little Maci girl!  She is such a sweetheart and I love her snugly little hugs:)

I can't believe my munchkins are almost 15 months old!  They definitely keep me busy and I love it:)  I love being a mom to my little Dane and Maci, they are such a joy and make me laugh and smile everyday!  It's so fun to watch them grow and learn new things and to see there cute little personalities develope:)


Sydney said...

LOVE the update! oh we miss y'all! love your little munchkins!!!!

Tiffany Johnson said...

Hey long lost friend!!! I can't believe how big your kiddos are! So so cute. How are you guys??? It's been forever. I was just checking up on ya!! You look great by the way!