Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The life of a Farmer

Upon endless requests to see the Garden we finally decided to let you all in and see our award winning crops. It has been tons of work (we paid 8 dollars and let the neighbors do everything but watered occasionally to feel apart of the miracle) but the work has paid off in our incredible yield of crops. Ryan made some Salsa with the Cilantro and Peppers which drew crowds that were so large we were unable to count. With the 8 foot long carrots and 75 pound zucchinis we were able to replicate the best rice bowl in Provo Utah ( with the assistance of some very nice knives; Thanks Mimi!! They are used on a daily if not hourly basis). Overall a great experience, we are planning on including some fruit trees next time we set our minds to a garden.
Please see pictures at the bottom of the blog for the Garden shots.

p.s: We had Sanjaya over for dinner last night and had him sing that ridiculous song, "I'm all dressed up for you baby, I'm going out tonight." It was a good time had by all


Susan said...

Lyssa!! I'[m so jealous! I started my little herb garden from little seeds and they don't look half as good as your garden does! I'll have to post pictures soon. That's so cool that you have veggies that you can pick from. I so want to plant a tomato tree, but they take a while to grow. Anyways, We miss you! I'm so glad you posted pics! Love ya!


Amber Marie said...

welcome to blogging. your garden looks wonderful. We especially love the picture of Ryan with his pepper....

come to texas soon, k?

LINDA said...

Hey Alyssa and Ryan,

I love the garden, your vegies are sooooo cute!!!! I don't know if you should eat them or frame them,ha ha. Daddy and I really enjoyed reading about Sanjiya--however you spell that--and being reminded of his great ability with hair!!! Did he give you any tips? We all wanted to answer the survey, but it only let us do it once. You know all of our votes were for both #1 and #2. We love you both and hope you are having a great summer. Keep up the good work on the garden, maybe next year you'll have nine foot long carrots,lol!!!

see ya soon,
love Mimi