Sunday, July 15, 2007

We are officially bloggers

At the risk of being unpopular we have joined the in crowd and are evolving into skilled bloggers. As this is the blogs first post we thought we should give a quick update to our family circumstances.

We are out in Utah living in Provo while Ryan finishes up school at BYU and are then looking to move out at the earliest opportunity! Alyssa is working full time at Pinnacle Security as the main receptionist and is currently making more money than Ryan is. Her days their seem long at times and she looks forward to the days when her employment will end but until then "It's about the Lifestyle." 1-877-PINSAFE (for those in need of a sweet system). Ryan is working at State Farm Insurance and is working towards getting his own agency. He is working on getting his licenses and we are hoping to get our own agency shortly after he graduates this upcoming April.

We really like the ward we live in and are happy to be around so many other young couples who are members of the Church. Alyssa was just released from Activity Days but still serves as the 6 year old primary teacher which requires endless amounts of Patience. Ryan has been the 11 year old scout leader for close to a year now despite the fact that he never made it past Tenderfoot in his own scouting days.

That seems like a good place to end the opening blog and as soon as we get some good pictures and find something worth posting from our lives in Provo we will be all over the Blogosphere. Enjoy!


Aubry Moore said...

good to see you guys are finally joining the crowd. great first post, but you're right we do need some pics from your exciting life in Provo. I have a suggestion. How about a picture of you two underneath the Pinnacle Slogan "It's about the Lifestyle". That'd be sweet!


PS Loved the poll. Dead giveaway though! You Cheeseheads!

Susan said...

Guys I am so proud! So I'm super excited that I have another Blog to read. I added you to my links so that I'll have quick access to your page. We deffinately need to see some pictures! I want pics of the new garden! We love you guys and miss you!!!!!!


PS Should I vote honestly?