Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My guilt of not blogging has driven me to an obsession of blogging:) There's a good chance that I will just be taking random pictures and making up completely false stories just so I can get in another blog:) My Birthday package from Mimi, Daddy and Maggie came today!! Thanks so much for all the gifts and magazines:) I love getting packages from you Mimi b/c you try to put as much stuff in the box as possible! I love the wrapping paper:) You will have to let me know where you got it. I love my new jewelry, DVD, and especially the sour flip-flop candies:) Ryan took some pics of me with all my gifts, you can tell I just woke up, lol:) Thanks again for my Birthday package, I love it!!


Susan said...

Haha... I told you that blogging could be addictive! I love it. I like the new page! SO simple and clean. I have to change mine again...grrr... that's going to take a while!

ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Alyssa! You look great. Glad to hear you found something definitive from the fertility doctor. What a relief.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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