Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Love the Holidays:)

Wow finally a new post:) Well not a whole lot is going on. We are having Ryan's sister Ashley and her fiance Dorian over for Thanksgiving, and possibly Ryan's brother Duke. Me and Ashley are getting together tonight to figure out what yummy treats we are making on Thanksgiving:) Then we are gonna go get all the groceries with the whole crew. We are starting the desserts tomorrow, my favorite part:) If anyone has any good recipes for Thanksgiving let me know, I would love to try them out:) As most of you know Ryan and I have been trying to have a baby for almost a year so we scheduled an appointment to see a infertility doctor which we went to this last friday. It went really good and I was able to go get blood work done right after to see if I'm ovulating. The results came back yesterday and it turns out that I'm not ovulating so they are putting me on clomid, which is a fertility drug. We are really excited and looking forward to getting pregnant soon. Everyone is rooting for twins but Ryan isn't so sure about that. We could do it! We'll see hopefully soon if everything works out. We can't wait to start our family:) I'm still in search of a job, it's really hard right now b/c most places are hiring seasonal positions. I'm thinking I won't be able to find a good job until we get back from Christmas break. Ryan is pushing through school as quick as he can, lol:) He's so ready to be done. I don't blame him. He is loving working at State Farm and I promise he will have all his Licenses soon:) Hang in there Mimi and Daddy, lol! We can't wait until Christmas break, we miss everyone sooo much! It's hard being so far away from family:( We will see everyone real soon, not soon enough though! I don't have any pictures this time. I really need to be better at taking pictures, I need you Susan:) We love and miss ya'll so much!

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