Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Last weekend was pretty eventful for us:) Our kitty got sick friday with I guess some sort of intestinal infection and was throwing up foam. It was so sad to watch him throwing up, it looked like he was dying:( He got some shots and he's on amoxycillin for his infection. He's back to his normal wild self now. On Saturday we hung out with our good friends and ex-neighbors, Mark and Cheri. It was Mark's birthday. We went to this fun center in Sandy and hit some golf balls at the driving range, went to the batting cages and played 9 holes of golf. It was a lot of fun but after we were all starving because we had been there for almost 5 hours. We went to Goodwood BBQ for dinner, so yummy:) We didn't get back home till around 1:30 a.m. Not too much else has gone on, just the same routine. Ryan and I go to the driving range a lot now. It's something different and it's a lot of fun:) Last night we saw Kung Fu Panda. We got there a little late so we had to sit in one of the front rows, which wasn't too bad. These two guys came in a little after we got comfy in our seats. One had a really annoying laugh and laughed really hard at this one part that really wasn't that funny. Ryan looked back at him with disgust:) They hadn't found seats yet and unfortunately there were two seats right next to me and they came down and asked if they were taken:( I said No and that was the end of my enjoyment:( I looked at Ryan and told him this is what we get for your disgusting look you made at him. So we had to listen to there obnoxious laughs and imitations the whole movie. It was so annoying, we couldn't take it. On top of that this Mexi family directly in front of us snuck in some panda express which smelt repulsive! Needless to say we will have to rent that movie when it comes out, because I don't have the best review of it with our experiences last night:( On a better note I just got a new calling to be Young Womens Secretary:) I'm really excited about it!


Susan said...

Woohoo!! YW secretary! That's actually exciting. out of the primary. (into the fire). But yeah, sounds like a fun time at the movies. We saw "don't mess with the Zohan" and cracked up the entire time. WE don't usually see movies in the theaters if they aren't action movies, so this was quite a change. Plus it was 10 bucks a ticket (which is expensive if you ask me) so we're kind of picky with what we see. I'm glad you had a fun weekend!!!Miss you guys tons!!!

Oh...good recipe Orange crusted chicken. I'll have to send you the recipe! Super healthy and yummy!

Cheri said...

Alyssa congratulations on your new calling! The girls are going to LOVE you! They need someone like you. In some ways that can be a challenging calling in our (my old) ward but if you keep being you, the girls will love you and you will love them.

I totally busted up laughing when I read that Ryan turned around and gave those annoying intruders "The Look". I could visualize the experience so clearly! I'm sorry the experience was a poor one. If you want we still have the Kung Fu Panda poster in the trunk of our car, you can have it to put up in your room for memories ;).

Cheri said...

That was such a fun weekend! Thank you for all the effort to come up. You both are the best.

Marce said...

Hey Alyssa! I found your blog and love it! That is so cool that you got called into the young womens...but it bums me out that i am still in primary and all of my friends keep moving on. :( oh well.

Also, just wanted to thank you so much for stopping by before we left! It was so fun to see you guys, and so sweet of you to bring by such a cute outfit for Ellie. I really do love it and can't wait for her to wear it! I really think we need to hang out more when we get back into town.

Anyway, I'm excited to have yet another way to keep in touch!! Hope all is well for you guys! xoxo