Saturday, July 26, 2008

Texas Crazy Trip!

We went to Texas this past week for our family reunion and it was to say the least crazy and fun trip! Susan you put it perfectly so I'm sending people to read your "What a.." post:) To read about the black plague go to We are pretty much recovered still some waves of nausea and dizziness but nothing like simultaneously barfing and riaing! It was still so good to spend time with the family and we definitely had some good laughs:) The day Susan, aubs and savanna left mimi and daddy had a doctor's appointment so me, maggie and ryan went to this fun center with mini golf, batting cages, arcade games, etc. We played a round of mini golf and all did pretty dang good:) Maggie made a rule where each of us could do 1 do-over if we shanked it:) Ryan kept score and claims he won by a stroke but I think we may have tied:) After the boiling hot round of golf we went and played tons of arcade games and then picked our lame toys out. We were all really hungry after so we went to olive garden, maggie's pick, she wanted the mac and cheese:) Then we headed home from san antonio. Mimi and Daddy got home soon after we did. That night we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks, which Maggie and I fell asleep to:) On our last day Daddy took Ryan and I to hit some golf balls and show us techniques:) My lefty couldn't hit any because we just had right handed clubs, but he practiced his swing:) I actually hit pretty good:) That was a lot of fun, thanks Daddy:) We flew back home that night:( I miss everyone already! Hopefully we can come again soon and have everyone well this time:) Here are a few pics from our trip:

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Susan said...

You look so hot swinging that golf club! Woohoo... GO lyssa

Yeah, thanks I put a lot of heart into that post about the black plague. Gosh, I never want to go through that again.