Thursday, May 26, 2011


Until this past Monday, Maci and Dane slept in there bouncy seats for there naps, in seperate rooms. Lately they have been maneuverning there way out of them and when I go check on them there's no baby in the bouncy. Maci has done it twice in the past couple of weeks and Dane did it last weekend! So I figured it's time to put them in there cribs for naptime. I was absolutely dreading it! There Monday morning nap came too quick which usually I'm thrilled to put them down for naps. So I grabbed Dane put him in his crib then Maci into her crib. They weren't going for it right away:( I let them cry it out for 10 or so minutes, went and checked on them and they were both perched up in there cribs. I went and laid them both back down, put there paci's in there mouth and prayed they would go to sleep. It was a miracle, not a peep for 2 hours! The next nap didn't go as well but not too bad. Tuesday was good not great. Today was a complete disaster! There morning nap consisted of them basically playing for two hours in there crib and talking and laughing at eachother! Rascals! My plan tomorrow is to put a playpin in my room for Maci to nap and Dane in his crib, otherwise they will just stay up and chat and then be moody the rest of the day:( Wish me luck! Here are some cute pics of my 2 rascals lately:


Travis and Sydney said...

I LOVE THEM!!!! oh they are so so so cute! good luck with the naps tomorrow!!

Eric and Hilary said...

hahaha too funny. they are hilarious. me and eric love the pic of maci sleeping with her dolly. it's so precious! you caught her in action gnawing on her crib rail!