Thursday, June 2, 2011


My babies are napping once again, thank goodness!!! They just needed to be separated or they will just play through there whole nap:) I borrowed my mother-in-laws pack and play, so I put Maci in it in my room and Dane in his crib and they snooze away:) The funny thing is, at night they sleep fine in there room together. Problem solved...for now, there's always something it seems like when you have kids but it's definitely all worth it! Maci and Dane are both professional little crawlers now and they are pretty fast too. Dane still is loving to bear crawl on his hands and feet all over the place, it's hilarious! Maci might be our first little walker! A couple of nights ago Maci pulled herself up on a pampers box we had laying around and walked it all over the place:) She was having a blast! Last night we were over at grandma and grandpa's and they have one of those walkers and I helped Maci get up on it and she pushed it all around, slowly and somewhat wobbly, but she would catch herself if she thought she might be going down and regroup then off she went again! I can't believe my little 14 lb 12 oz, 24 in. long little girly could be walking soon! I tried to put Dane on it too, but he gets so distracted and just wants to play with all the other toys:) Dane makes the funniest noises and he has from birth basically, lol:) He does a grandpa weeze, tongue flicker, fake coughs, and a somewhat new one is "k" noises over and over again! He's hilarious and when he does his fake coughs it's like 5- 10 in a row, silly boy:) Maci loves to babble, scream and squeal:) She is such a smiley girl even to complete strangers! Dane loves to be thrown around and swung upside down, basically anything crazy he loves and laughs away:) Daddy is his favorite to ruff house with, Maci joins in but you have to be more gentle with her or she doesn't like it. She surprisingly likes to be swung upside down to, but not too wild. Dane loves food especially food Ryan and I eat and puffs of course! He is always down for eating:) Maci is a more picky eater and will spit a lot of things out that I try to give her, but she also loves her puffs:) We go through those things like crazy! They are both obsessed with the fridge and dishwasher, whenever they here the fridge or dishwasher door open they bolt towards it, rascals! Needless to say, it takes double the time to clean the dishes or cook anything. We don't have the biggest kitchen, actually it's quite small so when they are in there crawling around I have to be pretty careful and step over them or move them out of the way. Speaking of small kitchens I can not wait to move out of our crammed little apartment into hopefully a townhouse:) Our contract ends July 11th so Ryan and I have been looking at a few places for rent. Nothing we love yet but we still have a little time. Most townhouses here have basements and most are finished basements which is what we are looking for. We also want a nice deck with a little fenced in yard, atleast 2 good sized bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, a decent kitchen, and the basement has to have carpet for the munchkins to play in:) Hopefully we can find something we really like! We are headed to the beach this weekend which I'm really excited about with Ryan's brother Eric his wife Hilary and some of our good friends Shawn and Krystal. We went with them last summer and had a blast, it will be a little different this year though. We are going from 2 kids to six!! Last summer me, Hilary and Krystal were all pregnant and they each had there little girls with them! It should be interesting and hopefully all our kids will behave:)

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