Friday, July 8, 2011

Beach trip!!

This is an embarrassingly late post! About a month ago we took a trip to Rehobeth beach with Eric, Hilary and there 2 girls and our good friends Shawn and Krystal Atkinson with there 2 girls! We did a beach trip with them last year but they each only had one girl and me, Hilary and Krystal were all pregnant! Needless to say we had to get a much bigger place so Eric found us a nice big house about 5 minutes from the beach. It worked out perfect and all the kids loved the house:) It had a nice big family room and a big kitchen with a pool table. We stayed for 3 nights and Maci and Dane did great!! They took there naps like little angels (except 1 of there 6 naps they had on our trip) and slept through the night every night! That was a big worry of mine, but they did great:) We went to the beach one day which didn't last too long for us, Maci and Dane didn't like it too much. They loved shoveling the sand in there mouths but then would get real upset b/c of course nobody likes a mouth full of sand in there mouth! They both liked crawling around the sand for a little but absolutely hated the water! I don't blame them b/c the water was freezing! Maci loved playing in our cooler we brought and actually broke the lid in half, it was a styrofoam one so I guess that was to be expected. They both looked adorable in there little bathing suits:) We barbecued one night, ate crabs one night and had pizza the first night. Our last day there we all went to the pool which neither Dane or Maci liked too much:( Dane basically hated it and played outside the pool and ate puffs the whole time! Maci hated it too but finally got use to it and I put her in the little floaty we got and pushed her around:) She loved it and was splashing the water like crazy:) I'm looking forward to our beach trip next year! It's always a blast!!

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