Thursday, July 14, 2011


I can't believe my little munchkins are going to be turning 1 in a month!!  Time really has flown by!  I have loved every step of it, although they can definitely drive me crazy sometimes but they have brought Ryan and I the most joy we could ever dream of:)  Dane is the crazy man and is getting so big, I weighed him yesterday and he's a whopping 19.6 lbs,  it's hard to imagine he came out a miniature 4lbs 5ozs!  He loves to be wild and play, play,play:)  He doesn't like to sleep too much but is forced to b/c Maci Mae needs her beauty sleep;)  One of his all time favorite toys is my Lansinoh tube(nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers, lol), but don't worry that stuff is way too thick for anyone to squeeze out!  He's obsessed with anything that has a lid that he can prop open with his bottom 2 teeth:)  The other day Maci and Dane got a hold of there gerber cheetos and Dane opened it with his bottom teeth and dumped the whole container all over the floor!  I looked over to check on them and they were chowing down on those cheetos trying to devour all of them before I stopped them!  Last week when Ryan was "watching them" while I went and ran some errands, they were playing in the kitchen and the next thing Ryan looked over to was oatmeal and grits smeared all over the floor, lol:)  They dumped the entire container of oatmeal out and grits and were having a blast in the huge piles they just made:)  Dane is still murder to change and you really have to use some muscle to hold him down so he doesn't smear his poopy bum all over the floor!  He has really mastered fast crawling and still prefers bear crawling with his rump in the air using his hands and feet to crawl like crazy.  He's also learned that he can use objects like books and dvds to glide across the floor.  He'll push the dvd with his hands and crawl with his legs, he really goes flying!  Dane also loves blankets and pillows, if one is on the floor he wallows all over it, smashing his face in it:)  He's still obsessed with remotes and phones!  Dane loves to eat especially treats or whatever I'm eating.  If I bring something to the couch to eat I better have a treat for him b/c he will beg me the entire time for bites, lol:)  I love my big boy so much, he makes me laugh everyday!  Maci Mae is such a little sweetheart:)  She loves her beauty sleep which she can never catch up on b/c brother wants up!  She loves investigating everything around her and will find the smallest things to put in her mouth, rascal:)  Maci loves her jumperoo especially if you egg her on, she will go nuts and kick her feet like crazy!  She is the biggest flirt and smiles at all strangers when we go out!  If we are at a restaurant she looks around with a huge grin on hoping to melt someone's heart, she never fells and always has an admirer:)  She loves to play with daddy and get in on the boys ruff housing, she always loves to be in the mix of it.  Maci loves loves loves her paci's, and if she sees any on the floor or finds any while playing she'll pop it in her mouth!  If one is already in her mouth and she finds another one she'll switch and pop the other one in her mouth while holding the other one:)  If she wakes up without a paci in her mouth she burst out crying and Ryan and I both know she's lost her paci.  Sometimes she'll find it on her own but most of the time we have to go find it for her.  As soon as she has it in her mouth she calms right down:)  A new thing Maci loves to do is bite and believe me it is painful if she gets a hold of you!  I have a bruise from one of her attacks on my leg!  Last night when I was at an RS activity and Ryan was watching the babes he was feeding them a treat on the couch and Maci leaned over to Dane and bit his arm, he burst out crying!  She's getting him back for all the toy stealing he's done to her.  Ryan told me she bit him one other time and attempted to bite his head!  Crazy girl:)  At church last week they were playing on the floor and Maci had her toy necklace and Dane tried to grab it from her and she bit him!  That will teach him not to steal her toys, lol!  Poor Dane:(  Dane and Maci really are best friends and most of the time play together and tag team when being naughty:)  We love them so much and can't wait to celebrate there first year of life!  I love each new phase they go through and watching them learn and grow everyday!


LINDA said...

You've survived almost a year, it's hard to believe. They are so cute, I was loling reading about them dumping food on the floor-sooo funny:) Can't wait to see them and ya'll too

Susan said...

Yay!!!! Seriously the first year is tough, and the second year is a blast! Now third year we'll talk later. lol. Can't believe they are one in a few weeks. It saddens me that we are not closer, but hopefully one day we can be "together Again". Love you guys tons. and thanks for my birthday gift! Your card made me cry! And savanna always says I smell like the beach now. Love ya!!! And love those babies!!! Get ready for more fighting soon! lol.