Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This blog is dedicated to the best mother and friend in the world, Mimi:) I'm so grateful for her unconditional love, friendship, example, and all the advice that she's given me and still gives me! I have so many great memories of us together that I will cherish forever:) She's always been there for me through all my craziness, the good times and bad times. As most of you know these haven't been the best months in my life with trying to get pregnant. It's been really hard. I've called mimi up numerous times just bawling and by the end of our conversation I feel at ease and know that I can make it a few more months. Thanks Mimi for always knowing what to say and do to make me feel better:) I will never not need you Mimi. Everyone needs there mothers no matter how old you are:) I hope someday I will be able to be the mother that mine has always been. I love you so much Mimi you have blessed my life in so many uncountable ways! You're the best!! Happy Mother's Day!!

P.S. You deserve more than just a day:)

I really wanted to send you these but I knew you would understand that we are too poor at the moment;) Someday we will be able to send you 100 of these:) I love you!!

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Erin said...

that was a super sweet tribute lyss. We love Mimi too, you are lucky :) We are so blessed to have such wonderful mothers.

Hey, I know it's hard when you have been wanting something so badly. I remember getting down over trying to get pregnant as well because it didn't happen as fast as I had wanted. The Lord is mindful though and he will bless you.
I love you :)