Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our New Love

Okay I know we aren't suppose to have pets in our apartment but since a baby isn't working out at the moment Ryan knew I had to have something to fill the void. So we got a little cute cuddly kitten:) She is so adorable, we still need to name her:) We got her Thursday evening from his cousin that I work for. There cat had a litter of kittens so we went and picked the cutest one out. She did pretty good the first night, we made her a nice little bed beside our bed. She woke up at 4:30 and was ready to play. Around 5:30 she conked out again in our bed this time until I got up at 8:30. We pretty much have her litter box trained, although she had an accident on our sheets this morning, just pee. We gave her a bath today b/c she was so filthy from living in a garage for the past 6 weeks:) We plan on getting her declawed since she will be an inside cat. Here are some cute pics of our new addition:)

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Susan said...

so now this should encourage you to blog more! I want to see this kitty grow on screen! Plus, Savanna loves seeing the pictures of the kitty! Love ya!